Portfolio, CV and PDP

Portfolio…   Continuing professional development…   Curriculum Vitae…   Personal development plan… appraisal…

…………All this might be confusing, but it is REALLY IMPORTANT!


We have recorded some video guides to help you.

Video Guide 1: Introduction (ignore and close the sign-in box that appears when you click the link)

Video Guide 2: BMJ Portfolio

Video Guide 3: PDP

Video Guide 4: CV


BMJ Portfolio

We encourage you to use the free BMJ Portfolio. Any health professional can register to use the portfolio.

The BMJ Portfolio helps you keep a record of your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

As a health professional you are required to show evidence of ongoing CPD activity throughout your career, and this includes during your time as a member of REACHE North West.


What should be in your portfolio – includes a setup guide for your BMJ Portfolio

Reflection – BMJ Portfolio format  – a guide to help you use the template in the BMJ Portfolio: this will help you choose what to write in each section of the reflective proforma

Reflective writing examples and Reflective vocabulary template  – to help you improve your skills of reflection (with thanks to Southampton Solent University)


Personal development plan (PDP)

If your portfolio is your reflective learning record (a modern logbook), your PDP is your plan for the future.

All health professionals should have a PDP to show your plan for the next 6-12 months.

It should be an “active” document: something that you review and update as you learn. The tutors and volunteers at REACHE North West are available by appointment to meet with you to provide further help.

The Royal College of Surgeons has some PDP guidance for dentists as well as the official GDC guidance document.

There is some information on CPD requirements for pharmacists of The General Pharmaceutical Council and the University of Leeds list of CPD resources may be useful.


Reache PDP Template (doctors please use this one)

Reache PDP Template (dentists please use this one)

Reache PDP Example

Understanding the PDP


Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The traditional way of presenting your professional background!

Many job applications now have an online application form, but a CV can still be useful and is something to be proud of!


Curriculum Vitae useful notes

Curriculum Vitae suggested structure