Drug of the Week

British National Formulary (BNF)

British National Formulary no. 66

Free registration for online access in the UK at http://www.bnf.org. Or ask for an old one from your GP, or find the most recent in hospital libraries. Good for information about individual drugs; prescribing guidelines.


eMC medicines information

Good for a bit more detail about side-effects and the interactions are on the same page, making it a bit easier to find them. It also has photos of the medicines.

NICE medicines information

NICE medicines information

Lots of information here, but it is not always simple to use. Searching by the full drug name gives the best results, bringing you to a page where you can access the BNF entry online, NICE (and other) guidance and sometimes a section called ‘Current Awareness’ which gives links to articles on prescribing issues related to that drug.

NICE example page

MHRA Education modules


Free online modules about the use and risks of selected drugs and devices

Medicines learning modules

The Cochrane Library


Produce evidence reviews from medical research for clinicians and NICE.

The Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Library


General tips on presentations

Here is a short pdf file about giving a presentation:

Giving a presentation

And an interesting TED Talk that might help you with your delivery:

How to speak so that people want to listen, a TED Talk by Julian Treasure