Wednesday Teaching

We invite guest teachers to deliver a session on our programme of medical teaching that takes place at 1000-1200hrs or 1330-1530hrs on Wednesdays. This is at the level of the foundation programme (FY1/2) to help our member doctors prepare for their PLAB medical requalification examinations and subsequent work as a doctor in the UK.  Can you spare two hours one Wednesday?  Teaching Guide for Tutors

Clinical Supervisors

Can you offer a clinical attachment to one of our doctors for at least one month?  We arrange this for our doctors at an appropriate stage in their clinical retraining and it provides an invaluable opportunity to experience clinical work in the NHS. Our doctor usually holds observer status as a clinical attachee but if he/she has achieved GMC registration we like to offer to him/her a Clinical Practical Training (CPT) scheme post as an honorary FY1 doctor to help in the final stage becoming a safe and effective practitioner in the NHS. The tutors at Reache North West provide a weekly review meeting to encourage our doctor to complete reflective logbooks and to maximise the experience on placement. The Reache North West administrative staff liaise with your HR and Occupational Health departments to make the necessary arrangements. CPT Scheme Guide

Practice Interviews

Could you be a panel member for approximately two hours, four times a year, enabling Reache North West members to experience the UK interview process?

If you think you can help with any of these, or have other ideas for supporting our members, please contact us. Many thanks.